Marce's B-day on Apr 3rd!

What's up guys! Long time no post. Yeah, I have not been really been fishing too much. Therefore, I have had nothing to post. That'll change soon though...

Anyways, Marce's birthday is coming up on Friday so wish his fat ass a happy b-day. Talk to you guys soon!
Its Bassman1057's B-day on Friday as well. Sounds like a party in the making to me. Anyone up for a trip to Clear Lake or the Delta this weekend?
MIne is on Thursday the 2nd..........Happy Brithday to US.......... [green]
Wishing you all an early happy B-day. Have a great time with whatever you do! I will reluctantly pass on the Delta and/or CL. Reggae on the Mountaun this Saturday. Have fun!
Happy B Day HOMIE!!!!!!!.......

Hope u get on the water that day.....!!! And stick a B-Day TOAD!!!!.....

happy early b-day!! hook a monster for us all
Happy Birthday Guys lol May your age and wisdom bring you boat loads of birthday bass.

Fish to live and live to fish 8-)
Did he just call me a "fat ass" on my very own website? This from a guy who's 5' 2" and 100 pounds soaking wet. In fact, his girlfriend weighs twice as much as he does.... Sheesh! :)

Thanks guys, I'll be out at Anderson on Thursday enjoying a very much needed/well-deserved day off.

Peace out!

haha...yes he did. That is funny sh!t!
Anderson is closed Thursdays DUDE......Better off at Calero!!!!....LOL.... [green] [green]