March Madness Clearlake, Ca.

Spent 4 days on the water @ the lake house. Boated 23.5# on Monday morning w/ an 8.54 kicker. I lost a DD bass on Tuesday. Only scraped up 19# on Wednesday morning, big bass went 5.84# and my smallest catch was 3.13#.
I need to get a new livewell lid now too! Any Ideas where to get a replacement for my 2000 Cougar?




hell yea...nice fishies Ryan.

Totally wish I could have taken few days off work to join you up there, looks like I missed out.
Holy cow that one fish is a freaking pig!
[8|] Nice fish Ryan!
The markings on the big one in the first pic almost make it look like a big ol' spot.
those are some good looking chucks ryan putting the fire on them
I wonder who took pics for the 23lb bag?!
awesome fish. I was up there this weekend. Big tourney going on, we got a good amount of fish
My budd got his PB a 6.75 and I got the biggest fish I have ever caught in California a 9.25, when I got her in the boat i could have sworn she was over to check my scales

Clear Lake is the spot right now
bluegillmaniac657 wrote:
I wonder who took pics for the 23lb bag?!

Obviously, his dog took the pics.. duh! [green]
I'll be there next weeekend. Can't wait!! Even if it does rain it should be fun.