Marina Beach Stripers

Small striped bass are starting to show up at Marina Beach. This is a good early sign for this season. Went out on 05-07-2007 from 6:30 pm - 8:30. Got a few bumps...The guy next to me caught three small ones all about 15". He was using a small dart head compared to my 2 oz hair raiser that's why I think he was able to hook up.

A couple guys went out last week and walked north towards the sand plant and were able to each catch a 10 lb'er. They were using swimbaits that looked like an anchovie color. I'll keep you posted for this summer as I get the info.

I have been fishing manresa and sunset for stripers but haven't been successful. I caught several last year in April but no luck this year. Can you give me some info on Marina Beach. Is it by the hotel in Seaside? Is it paid parking or can you just park on the side of the road? Any additional info would be great. I mainly fish with white and chartreuse hair raises with a white tail. The lighter the better.

yep..the actions only gonna get better for surf fishermen! the stripers are leaving the delta/sacramento river and headed out to sea! keep an eye out offshore for stripers busting the surface!

Marina State Beach is off of Reservation Road just past Catroville. Seaside is another 6 miles south of Marina. The parking lot opens around 0600AM and closes at sunset. Striper guys/gals wanting to fish after dark will park just outside of the gate and walk down to the beach. (not that far)

Both hair raisers are good. I prefer the white myself. You're on the right track with the white tail. I believe I get bit more with the tail than without.

I always carry at least one krocodile or kastmater in the event the school passes by and it's windy. You can realy reach out with the tin.

Manresa and Sunset are great beaches but I think it is still a little early for the consistent bite.

When fishing at Marina, I would walk towards the north. (To the right of the parking lot when looking at the ocean). There is a sand plant about a 25 minute walk down the beach north of the parking lot. You'll see a large dredger in what looks like a lake on the beach side. That area has good deep holes where the stripers hold.

That same area is producing barred perch in the 2-3 pound range. 2" kalin motoroil grub w/red flake. Not only will you catch perch but the stipers will hit that small grub believe it or not.

I was just out there looking at the water. It's a little dirty with seaweed in some areas. Just got to find a clear spot and fish it.

Keep moving. Don't wait for the fish to find you... Once you catch one, work the area good, fan casting, because there are usually more than one cruising together.

Remember that the stripers are in close to the waters edge feeding on sand crabs. Work your hair raiser all the way out of the water. Most of your bites will occur at the waters edge. Long cast are not necessary.

On a safety note, Marina Beach in my opinion is one of the more dangerous beaches along the coast because of the currents and the steep drop offs. NEVER TURN YOU BACK TO THE WATER! IF YOU ARE WEARING WADERS AND HAVE TO RE-TIE OR CHANGE LURES, BACK OUT OF THE WATER AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS THEN GET BACK TO WADING. THE WAVE ACTION IS VERY UNPREDICTABLE.

I'll keep you posted if and hopefully when it picks up consistenty. If you want to kill time, come on down. The fish are there, just got to find em.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the helpful tips. I was at Manresa last week and the water was a reddish color (red tide? or krill?) Is the water just dirty with seaweed or also red tide in Monterey? I don't mind seaweed as much as red tide. I usually like to fish the beaches up in Pacifica, but I think it is a bit early for that area. So, just looking for another potential striper jackpot.

I live in Almaden, so I want to maximize my catching potential if I decide to drive to Monterey.

Have you noticed much difference in tides? I usually fish 2 hours before and 2 hours after the high tide.

Again, thanks for the detailed and helpful information

No red tide down here...yet. It does come in once in a while and I can't remember why exactly what it is.

As for tides, two hours before and two hours after is good during the day. Any tide just before the sun rises and any tide an hour or two after the sunsets have been good as long as it's not a minus tide.

My most successful adventures have been at night during a full moon. I'll check the low tide time and as long as it's not a minus tide I'll fish at night during the full moon as the water rises from the low tide.

The only emphasis I put on the tides is don't fish the minus tides. Way to low for stripers. Low tides in the 1.0 or better will hold fish in the deeper holes.

"Successful striper fisherman are the ones that put the time in. You'll spend more time fishing than you will catching. But when the "Catching" happens...all the times fishing was worth it. (That should be on a Hallmark card)

As for Pacifica and that general area...10 times better than the Monterey Bay for stripers. According so some recent web post they have been catching stripers in that area. Just not a consistent bite yet. Keep me posted, I may have to take a drive up there and try those beaches out.

I'll be sure to post as I get the info first hand.

went out to the monterey bay for some striper fishing. water color was good, but a little too much seaweed in the water. fished from about 4:30 to 7:30 with hair raisors and a kastmaster with a bucktail. unfortunately, no striper love.

switched over to my perch set up for a few casts and also had no bites. again the water looked good just too much seaweed. saw a few birds but not diving for bait

walked to the salt dredger and back

glenn, please post when the water clears up or if you hear of anything being caught

switched over to my perch set up for a few casts and also had no bites.

hey perch? supposedly, they're bitting all along the monterey bay coastline? what were you using...motor-oil grub? i usually use cut up pieces of shrimp! anyhow..sorry about not having any luck. hey...that's why it's called fishing, right? otherwise, it would be called catching! :P

Just read your post. I'll let you know when it starts to happen consistently or at least when the water clears up. You were in the right place if you saw the dredger at the sand plant.

Stopped by this morning to check out the water. (working at the fishing) Wave action and tide was nice. Few guys fishing with cut shrimp. One guy caught one small striper about 12" and that was it.

Water looked dirty with seaweed in front of the parking lot. Couple guys were catching small perch and throwing them back. A friend left me a message and saw guys catching a lot of Jack Smelt.

I'm not sure why but when the Jack Smelt show up so do the Stripers.

Mornings have been calm but the wind has picked up every afternoon for the past week making fishing the sunset difficult.

I'll keep you posted as I get the info.

thanks for the surf update. i was reading another fishing website and a guy posted a picture of a striper he caught on a topwater plug. the website is very much against people posting exact locations. the guy mentioned the striper was caught somewhere in monterey bay any ideas?


I run into guys on the Beach that will hide the lure they'er using when you walk up to them. (isn't that ridiculous) I don't mind sharing any info regarding technique, lures and locations with anyone. That's what our sport is about.

The latest info I have is that schoolie stripers, about 20", have been caught from Seaside to Moss Landing but it is very hit and miss...more miss than hit. Majority of the guys are not getting bites and the ones that are are catching the small 12" - 14" stripers. Very inconsistent bite even for the little ones.

The fish are not congregating in any one spot yet. When it starts to get good, a lot of the guys make the walk out to the area of the sand plant. Save yourself the walk....I'll definitely post when the bite is on and where.

Are we not suppose to post specific locations on this site?

Marina Beach is starting to clear. There are still areas of seaweed. Yo just have to find clear spots to cast. Now for the better news. Went out yesterday 05-16-07 during sunset and caught three small ones 12-14".

Spoke to several guys to include our local Marine Biologist. Fish are starting to bite from the hotel in Seaside to Sunset Beach in Watsonville. Threre were guys at Marina Beach at sunrise throwing pencil poppers. One guy lost two fish.

Fish that are being caught are anywhere from 10 - 15'lb range. Every bait you can think of are being used right now. Sand crabs to Lucky Craft jerk baits....yes jerk baits!

The bite is still not consistent but guys/gals putting their time in are catching fish. Early morning just before sunrise and as the sunsets have been best times to go.

Oh ya, I caught my three by the sand plant using a hairraiser.
Just realized there's a Saltwater heading in the reports. Thanks Marce.


I'll post there with any further info. Let me know if you need any specifics.


thanks for the update. sounds like you had a good day. i was wondering what size hair raiser you use. i like to throw as light as possible. 3/4 oz or 1/2 oz. but sometimes with the wind blowing in my face, i use a 1 oz.

my experience is the lighter the better. do you agree?

was it windy yesterday? i might go out tonight or maybe tomorrow. will you be out there?


any news on the stripers?

Hey Mark,

I've been working the past couple of days and haven't had time to read the posts. It was nice meeting you and I still have your card. I will definitely e-mail you with my number.

The water is starting to clean up a little from all that seaweed. The area just north of the sand plant to the mouth of the river is very clean.(but a long walk). I fished there on Sunday and did not get a bite. I was leaving about 4pm and ran into two guys that were heading out to the place I just left. They were using soft shell sand crabs and said they had caught 10 lb fish on Saturday.

Fish and still scattered from Seaside to Watsonville/Santa Cruz. Guys fishing at first light are doing better than in the afternoon...I know you're not a morning person.

The morning fisherman are using pencil poppers because there's no wind in the AM. No particular color...anything that pops. Next week should be good fishing in the AM. I believe that high tide will be back in the mornings next week.

I hope to get out there one day this weekend. I let you know how it goes.

Went out on 05-24-2007 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Got one nice hit just south of the Marina Beach Parking lot. The fish hit my sand crab imitation close to shore. Not sure what I was thinking but it surprised me. I hesitated to set the hook waiting for the big pull but instead nothing. I realized that fish initially hit my bait then ran towards me. Unfortunately it spit my bait out before I could set the hook. Almost knocked myself out setting the hook so hard.

Still spotty but fish are showing from Seaside to Watsonville/Santa Cruz area. Every type of bait you can think of is catching fish right now. Put the time in and you'll eventually hook up. It can only get better. One guy I talked to has hooked up 51 to date. Mostly undersized fish but nevertheless he's hooking up.

I'll keep you posted.
Not much has changed in the last couple of weeks. The water had cleared up a lot. Fish are still scattered. Hope to have some first hand info this coming weekend.
They're thick in the Seacliff and Capitola area right now. I'm going to start heading up there on regular basis here soon!!!