Marina Beach this weekend

My brother is anxious to hit Marina Beach this Sunday and wants to dig up those mole crabs for bait after seeing that striper being caught last weekend. I plan to tag along.

Has anyone fished there lately?
Hope to run into some of you down there. :)
glouie, went to Marina a week or so back and the damn gate was closed at 6:30 so I went to the beach near the Hotel on the beach in Seaside. Might be going out this Sunday and possibly try Palm beach or Zmudowski. Will report back in if I can get out, good luck out there- I know there's a damn striper out there this weekend.
Went to Marina this morning and my brother and I caught two each in the first place we stopped. then all of a sudden the action died and we could not locate anything. All on grubs. We saw other anglers there catching them on mole crabs, but we could not get any to bite.
GLouie, my brother and I went yesterday morning but ended up deciding to go to Carmel Beach. Awesome Perch fishing-large and many.... but I guess it don't count of you don't have photos? ;|

Actually in" fisherman we trust" is my motto (up to a point) but we did score big on Perch and I lost a striper in the surf on a hair raiser (2 ounce) ;( ;( ;( I had it on for about 25 seconds or so. Set the hook, had time to loosen the drag not once but set the hook again and loosen the drag once more. Mistake!!!!-in an instant it was just gone >:-( , I dropped my arms and walked up to the beach and people were wonder what was wrong. I felt like telling em didn't you see my 10.5 foot rod bent over and me pulling on it??

Anyway next time..... had a good day fishing and lots of good lookers on the beach! When spandex works it's fantastic.
I forgot to mention that when I cleaned those perch, their bellies were full of small mole crabs.
A couple Marina State Park Rangers riding on ATVs stopped to check our fishing licenses and inspected our catch.

I asked them if they heard any reports of Stripers being caught and one of them mentioned they have seen some being caught near the Salinas River. I replied that it's a long walk from the parking lot at Salinas River State Park.

He said people are parking by the twin bridges. I don't recall any places to park in that area.... does anyone know what these rangers are talking about [?] ?
Maybe he meant IN the Salinas River? Open on Weds, Sat, Sunday with barbless hooks from Dec 1 to March 7, if you have a Steelhead Report Card. Or he could've been referring to the access via the Del Monte overpass...the long walk. To access the rivermouth from the north, park at the Monterey dunes colony, but long walk is better because you're not walking in sand the entire time.

Thanks for the report, GLouie!