Protip if you use Mend-It to repair plastics - don't stick your nose in the bottle and take a whiff of it out of curiousity. I wouldn't put an open flame anywhere around it either. Holy smokes.
Dude, it smells awesome...what you talking about? lol
stop bashing on my hobbies ,
get your own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha
Here's another tip.
I recently purchased some 3:16 NoBull Frogs and he sent a free bottle of his version of Mend-It. After rigging one of them up, I saw a tiny tear starting in the nose of the bait where the hook goes through. I figured it would be a good idea to use the glue to "mend" the tear, and stop it from going any further.
As soon as I touched the brush to the bait, the slight amount of tension caused by the T-rigged hook along with the chemical reaction of the glue caused the tiny tear to open up like a freakin' sink hole lol.
I was able to relieve the tension on the hook and save the bait, but from now on, I'll only apply it to unrigged baits.