Milpitas - fishing???

Just wanted to know if anyone has ever tried to fish the pond on N. Abbott in milpitas that's right by a creek.

cross street redwood and n. abbott

It's a small little pond that I checked out today at lunch but I don't know if it holds bass. I walked the bank and fish scattered as i walked by but I didn't get a chance to see them as they got spooked. The fish were hanging by rocks but don't know if they were bass or carp but there is fish in there.

i also found this pond

Hidden Lake ( look like a small perc pond )


Didn't drive there yet but found it on google maps.

Anyway, anyone have feed back on these spots?????
SHHH hidden lake is a secret! [green] it has bass and carp btw.
ya what he said.... (8-|
My mother lives right across the street. I have been fishing that pond for years. There are definatly some good size carp and catfish in there.I am not sure about bass though. (8-|
jc - have you pulled out bass from here?
If you check the older post youll find something.....
yes- rick and i have both pulled bass outta there.
just went at lunch and a freakin' carp tried to eat my black brush hog....but i pulled it too fast....knew it was a carp because i cast in the same place and i was slow rollnig the thing and the carp follow it up to were i was standing and he knicked it again....anyway...seems like a cool spot...really open so the wind hits hard here when it's kicking
never seen a carp go after a lure, I would have kept trying to nail that thing...
i'm as surprised as you are...if i wouldn't have seen that thing i would have assumed i missed a bass....but sure was a darn carp... ;(
i have lived in milpitas my whole life i fished hidden several times and nothing at all used carp bait and tried bass things ntohing the i one on abbot never tried it