Well i had o run o he sore his afternoon for a couple things..............well he lake was calling with hat sunny glisten on he water ..slight chop ...coming in to coleman  corner ,,,,,,,,,,ossed a tube next to the first clump oh brush
line began o move away just afer i hi bottom ( too much thought should have been setting he hook)....................caught the tube in the branch wiggle wiggle ......SPLASH SWOOOOSH Toad breaks out the water in the clump o brush.............and smacks my tube on the back out oo deep water :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Dudes he pre spawn is upon us GET OUT AND GET SOME TOADS

Man that`s some crappy writing--------------too excited i guess
Man unfortunatley you didn't get that one. I feel your pain I broke off like a 7 or 8lber at clear lake on a drop shot and missed a nice frog fish in the delta.
It's time gentlemen, it's time....
I talked to Mario a couple of days ago when he was on his toon. He told me the lake temp was at 61*. Nice, very nice! ;)
It's time gentlemen, it's time....

Its Time Is Right Marce!!! Man i got little league startin up
oh oh oh oh Man Oh Man i need to get on the water and off the computer
Marce how the job thing go?? PM me you looking for jobs and such