Monterey Salmon

Got a nice king a few miles out of Moss on Tuesday. Taped out at 32", 13.5 lbs. Good eating size. Caught a bunch of shorts and lost a couple of keepers due to some bad luck. Fished with G. Loomis Salmon Mooching SAMR1024C and G. Loomis Hot Shot HSR1021C rods paired with Shimano Calcutta 400TE's. Fish caught at 150' OTW with an assortment of Apex's and RSK's. Good luck and be safe out there.
Nice fish, can't wait to get out on a charter I want me some fresh salmon.
nice catch bro.

so i'm assuming they decided to open up for salmon this year huh?
Am I the only one drooling for the head/guts to put in my garden?!?
Thanks guys... Looks like I will be heading back out on Saturday. Hopefully I will get a limit this time. Bigger fish would be nice too.
derycksan wrote:
Am I the only one drooling for the head/guts to put in my garden?!?


Good job Tuna... I hear they are having a good year already.
Yeah, it's been a good year so far and it will get better towards the summer. We've already caught about 12 fish, but 10 were short and 3 nice ones were lost (damn barbless hooks). My friends that went out on Monday were fortunate enough to limit out by 11am, mooching at 20'-30' feet. By the time I got out there on Tuesday, the fish went back down deep and we were forced to troll at 150'. Hopefully tomorrow's outing will also be productive.