Moved...RIGHT behind Quarry Lakes.

THEgirlfriend and I just got our own pad over in fremont/niles area literally on the other side of the tracks from Quarry. I should be able to fish again soon once I get settled in. Look forward to getting the lake down packed!
- B.W
right on man, gongrats on the new pad, now hit me up and lets tear that place up.
Your gonna trip out on all the smallie action commin up soon. The water level is up too which means, plenty of xmas trees to fish....
cool the christmas trees are in water now! Haven't been there in a while.
rainbow or horseshoe?
Let me know when you guys are going there. I might drive out from Hayward for a bit and get some casting practice in. There are some little chunckers in both ponds. Usually fish the small one. I hate having to walk so far, past the privies, pass the point, in the big pond. Have caught bass in about all the ponds there, just don't know which ones are holding them, since all the construction building the park. I liked it better before the city "improved it" (8-| . The fishing isn't even half as good as it use to be, but they are close to home for shure! :) Beats Lake The two best bodies of water near us would be Chabot and Quarry...any others come to mind for fresh water. Both are pretty tough to get limits from shore.
got to say I had a hard time for a long while finding fish from shore. It wasnt till I got out on the water that I got into good fishing there. Quarry is always super clear and the fish get spooked pretty easy.
Ya know I still have only fished Chabot once and just didnt like it for some reason. Guess I got to give it another shot. Ha, lake elizabeth..... gross!!!!! Same with Newark lake. But at least you can float there. Now shadow cliffs or Del valle are great.Striper action too... Its just hard to take the extra time to go there instead of Shinn and Quarry that are in my back yard.

Definitly going out this weekend. Going to float on the quarries....
Hey Rick what day you going? If I can find my F'in waders I might meet you out there. You taking the tube or the toon?
Ha the only flaotation device I have is a life jacket, and I don't think I can fish from her, so I'll relax at home. lol, Aluminum boat and trailer is at CL right now sitting. Have a good time out there. Haven't fished chabot lately, always been tough for me to land fish there. Need to put in more time there. I know there are some nice bass in there.
shoot im movin about a mile away from quarry on the 28th pretty excited that there was a good lake right next to my place again.
shoot Im there after work today :D .... at least from the bank today, and I'll be taking the tube out this weekend. With the wind that picks up around that lake, the lower the better....
if ya see me say what up
i might head out there tommorow after work. i called them and i guess the fishing dont stop just cuz the gates close so i might try and get something tommorow, which lake would you guys hit for some bass?