my new personal best caught 12/21

Caught this guy at my buddies private pond in gilroy on a lucky craft pointer xs, also caught 5 others with the limit going around 20 pounds. This guy was 9 on the scale.
Nice fish man! It's a dream of mine to own a pond....<sigh>
Nice fish! That wouldn't happen to be the mccormicks pond would it? Are you from gilroy? Me and fredemac have acces s to a 3/4ish acre private pond that we float tube with some toads in it but nothing that size yet
nice fish! If I caught one that big, it would definately be the end of the world according to the Mayan prediction of 12-21-2012 armageddon. :)
does he have a good size pond??
Nice job... Early Christmas. Any idea the water temp?
Looks like the lil off santa teresa.. that thing damn near dried up this year. Its crazy how many different fish and how many big ass bass are in that lil pond! Wish i could practice some new lures there. I chased a couple of asian dudes out of there once they were keeping the fish out of someone elses pond. Punks.. nice fish by the way!