my report so far this year

my report so far this year.
-went to Anderson and caught 3, 1 on a c-rig robo, 1 on a hula grub and one on a squarebill crank
-went to the 85 ponds twice including today, caught 1 and missed 1 each time. all fish landed on crank and fish missed on robo worm in deeper water
-fished in a club tournament at berryessa as a non boater for the first time and landed 2 catfish one was 15 pounds, and a 4 pound steelhead or some sort of salmon. 3 fish caught on spoons in 80 feet of water. Bass bite was tough for our boat but the tournament winner boated 13 pounds along with a few other boaters with good bags!
Looking to take my float tube out somewhere on Saturday, maybe berryessa again to figure out them spots and smallies!
good fishing everyone and happy new year!
Good Report! Nice to hear you are getting out on the lakes on a tough winter bite!

My report...

I have fished with my buddy this winter from early december to today. (My buddy has had all the luck Im just out their "fishing"
Anderson- throwing c-rigs on robos and brush hogs, square bill crank baits and rip baits- skunked
Calero- Same tactics more crank baits and rip baits-skunked
85 ponds- Same tactics-skunked

On the good side the bite is slow but my buddy is getting all the luck >:-( >:-(

Still looking for my 2014 fish.

Looking to be an early spawn!
Nice to see some fish being caught!
I've hit up the 85 ponds and Almaden Lake a hand full of times but skunked on everything from spinnerbaits, c-rig creatures/worms, drop shot, and swimbaits. A buddy and I are gonna take our float tubes out on Saturday for the first time this year, still dont know where yet. Which lakes still allow float tubes?
Thanks for the report! Glad I'm not the only one getting skunked :) Only fish of the year was a dink on a flickshake at the Coleman ponds.

Mike- Saw you from across the way yesterday at 85 catch one. Good job!
Nice to see some reports! I haven't been out since mid October, maybe I'll run out to Anderson or Uvas this long weekend and see if I can get my first!
sharksflyinghigh, im taking my float tube out at berryessa tomorrow and launching out of capel. sj lakes calero and I believe coyote are can still launch tubes but you have to go through the quagga station first before you launch.
I really want to put my tube out on the 85 ponds or almaden for old times sake!
B.A.S.S., was your partner getting lucky or something!?! ;) nice of you to make an apperance

Im pretty sure my partner was getting extremely lucky especially this time of year! Who knows he has been fishing for largemouth a lot longer then I have and has taught me a lot about bass fishing but i still think its pure luck at this time of the year and running into a fish or two by accident. }:( }:( }:( }:(