Mystery Fish

Does anyone know what type of fish this is? Caught this at San Luis Reservoir yesterday. Was over 14" long and had light shade of purple on the top.
Looks like an American Shad.... Used to catch them back East with little darter heads in rivers.. Mouth looks paper thin and a fish that does not usually eat prey... Other than that don't know...

Set'Em Good
it does sound reasonable what set em good said..I just found out that they swim up to freshwater to spawn and can grow up to 20-30 inches and weight up to 12 pounds. Funny fish Manuel
hey manuel its nick, wat did you catch it on?
pretty neat.

were you going for stripers?
i think that's a shad. I used to catch those on American river. Check it out here. ... review.jpg
It is defiantly a American shad and a good size one to for that lake. I have caught a few there,they put up a good fight like a mini tarpon.
Just curious, do you happen to know what the water temp was that day?
Water temp was 57 in the back of Portuguese and was 54-55 in the main lake.Yeah I wasnt too sure what type of shad it was as I thought they only had American Shad in the Sacramento and American Rivers.
I was gonna say american shad as well... I have caught them in the feather and american rivers up north around chico areas...
Believe they call them a "poor mans Steelhead" or a "poor mans tarpon".
None the less... very fun on light 7'0 spinning with 4lb test.. throwing a shad darter head....
Very fun....
Nice find Dmun
I agree with what everyone else has to say. Great catch, most anglers will never catch one that big. Nicely done.
yep american shad