need advice on a decent digital camera to buy

I'd like to spend the least amount of money possible while still having a camera that is somewhat durable and ok resolution. Thanks for any advice you can give. (these disposable one time use ones end up with half the pics missing)
Walmart always has go deals.. and so does Target
You can get a good quality digi camera for an extremely low price now... find one around 100.00 and look for the highest megapixels possible in that range..
You will be set then.. Enjoy and good luck
As a recomendation, try to pick a camera that has no to very little snapshot delay. You don't want to be standing there holding down the button trying to get the shot to find you missed it! Repetitive action sequence shots are nice! Just my 2 cents.
For fishing photos make sure you get one that has a self timer. Custom timer is better. A tripod helps. I got a canon powershot. Can't go wrong with that. A little more spendy, but I know photos are gonna turn out decent. I got the best buy warranty for $50. I can bring it back in pieces and get a new one for 2 years.
Canon powershot's r great....They r a lil $$$$ but great camera!!!!

I own a Canon too and would deff reccommend this one to u.....DOnt go cheap on one is my thoughts....

If ya want good pix gotta spend $$ on a decent camera!!!!

Just say in Wally Wolrd today they had Sanyo Digi Camera 10 MegaPixels. 3x optical zoom and timer and what not for only 89.00...
now that is one hell of a good price..

Here ya go.. take a look ..
I like the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS. It's $230.00 but a nice little camera with lots of features. I was surprised when using my freinds last fall, I was waiting for the prices to come down. Now I don't have the cash lol.
Thanks to all for info. I'm not one to go cheap on things usually. In this case I am very low on funds yet want to have a camera should I be lucky enough to catch a nice one.
Thanks again.