Need More Crawfish in Local Reservoirs!

Crawfish eat invasive muscles! We need them!
Most definitely
There are plenty of them in all the local lakes.
I am not so sure crayfish eat mussells , but I agree , the more crayfish in a body of water the better. Anderson used to be full of crawdads , now , your lucky if you see a few . Two years ago while tubing Lexington and using t-rigged b-hogs , I was getting bit by crawdads almost every cast. It was crazy . Eventually , I slowly pulled a crawdad from about 20-25 feet deep (just would let go of my b-hog ) and the dang thing was easily 6-7 inches long and bright red. Probably a good reason why the bass at Lexington seem so healthy and fat.
Not that I do this often , but if you have a chance to eat cajun style crawdads , WOW! I went on a business trip to New Orleans about 20 years ago , probably some of the best food I have ever eaten and the huge plates of crawdads are crazy good .