Need phone #s for last minute fishing partners

Had a chance to go fish CL today ...Suinday. Dad called last night, had the boat in the water. Wanted to know if I would drive up to fish with him, or he'd pull the boat out. I was not too keen on driving up by myself and called RICK and a few other friends of mine to accompany me, for a Saturday night drive with a Sunday fishing trip. Well needless to say, I am here posting for additional phone #s for future last minute trips, instead of hooking a 30 lb. sack. Spoke to my brother 510lipripper and yesturday he did very well by himself on the Bayliner. Today he is meeting up with BRADRC51 for a day of tight lines and bent sticks on the Nitro. Not sure how they are doing, but he won't answer the phone! Guess his hands are full...or moving across the lake at 60mph. Need both hands to hang on!
Jus got off the phone with 510lipripper and BRADRC51. Yesturday brother Will did a 36.2 # sack. 9.4-6 #s. Barametric pressure was the key for the big ones, so I've heard from guides and pros. Reports of 40 #s from Saturday night outing, of a pro guide on the lake, who was speaking of the barometer pressure being right for yesturday. Today the big ones moved back to suspend in about 30-35 ft of water, according to Brad, who brought in a sack today over 21 #s. I should have gotten out on the water instead of pouting at home all weekend! Opted out of performing at Reggae on the Mountain this weekend! I got depressed Friday and felt like being an @ss! (8-|