need some advise

im getting a new reel i have been looking at the new kvd tour reel inthe burner speed but im not sure what reel would you buy for that price just asking for some opinions
All reels and rods are pretty much the same. Save your money and spend it on something else.
get a Curado 200 E7
you wont be disappointed...
I have bought 3 in the last 3 months...
They work wonders on new powell rods....
Good Luck
What are you going to be using it for? Curados are great reels like rippin said, also some of those bass pro brands are good to. I have a couple of the Extreme series reels and they are really smooth. If you are looking to burn spinnerbaits or rattle traps then get a 7:1 ratio, if not then a 6:4 is a good all around ratio. Revos a great reels to.

Coyote Bait & tackle is having a huge sale this weekend, check them out and ask to see what they have.
i am a huge daiwa fan, but to tell you the truth, its all preference. i dont really like quantums. I have all daiwas and shimanos. I havent had a problem with any of them. But realistically you need to get a reel that is of quality. If your budget is 100-200 then i would get the shimano 200e. if you can spend more, i would get a daiwa zillion.

Also coyote bait and tackle is having a huge sale this weekend. I would advise you go and get some advice from them as well. I try to steer clear from abu and quantum.

In my reel collection:
Fuego = crap
alpha ito megabass ize
alpha ito
Shimano curado bantam
Shimano castaic with flippin switch
Shimano stradic ci4
daiwa tierra
Curado 300e
So far my Abu Garcia Revo S has worked well. The interesting thing is with all the people I talk to about gear and posts I read on web, there is no reliable manufacturer. I wonder if it can be a problem with the manufacturing process and partially due to the unfortunate angler that receives a bad one of the lot.
If I went off the info from reliable sources all the companies produce defective and or parts subject to easily wear out and break. My perspective is all the fishing tackle companies need some serious quality control department improval.
There should be some type of organization that helps to insure this although I'm not sure how it would be implemented. Till then we get to just shell out tons of cash to companies that care little based on the profit margin.