Nervous about the duck hunters at the O'Neill Forebay?

Me too!

The last few times I've been out there, hearing those guys blast away while I'm there fishing makes me want to go clear to the other side of the lake. When did that start there? I don't remember seeing that there a couple years back.
I wouldnt worry too much, take it from a duck hunter. Just keep a safe distance (150yds). Its hard to kill a duck past 40yds so if they pepper you at 150 it will just sting a bit. But most duck hunters are very confident of their target and whats behind it. Give them some space, youll be fine.
That's good to know. They usually are on the side I don't fish anyway, so I'll just make a point of staying away from that area altogether. :)
i wouldnt be to worried at worst you might get rain on with bird shot but it might sting or to me its just annoying ive been hunting and got rained on with buck shot and all it did was irritat me well anyways good luck fishing
How has the bite been out there?
The bite to put it mildly has sucked the last 2 weeks. I'm probably done fishing there until next fall. If you make it out there and do ok by all means let me know.