New around here fishing wise & have a need to catch a shark.

I need some information on, where, when, and how I should set my rig up, Currently have a Ugly Stik Tiger (stubby and heavy duty), and a large (decent quality) spinning reel. I just need to know what kind of line, leaders, hooks, weight system, bait, ect. and whats a good location. I want to catch a release, No need to kill the little fellas.
For my line, correct me if I am wrong, I use some heavy braided line, first, then tie on some mono-filament line, and end with a wire leader... For bait I was thinking take fresh squid, pre-hook them when they are all malleable and then freeze them to better my casting ability..

Sound decent?
Sounds pretty spot on man.

I normally use a 3-5 pyramid weight depending on current.

I'd check out the pier under golden gate, oyster pint or candlestick. All SF area. For the east bay I'd say the rock wall in alameda.

Depending on where you go grass shrimp and pile worm work well too. Squid has been the ticket recently tho.

Good luck and post up!

What kind (specifically brand and strength) would you go about putting on this kind of rig? I don't want to disappoint myself with a break-off if I get a chance to pull one in. I was thinking along the lines of this.

Sweet diagram:

(Reel)==(Braided 20-25lbs test.)==+--(Mono 15-18lbs test.)--+>>(Wire leader)>>(Bait)
well, in my case i use 15lb mono main line straight to wire leader.

not the best option but it works ok.

the best would prob be like 50-80lb braid to 40-80lb mono top shot to the wire leader.

i was out there 2 fridays ago and learned, the hard way, that sharks will disappoint you when they have the chance.

see what i think happened is this...

i had 15lb mono which is normally ok for the day to day type fishing and even medium sized sharkies to the wire leader rig. however, sharks shake and roll their bodies once caught. i had the biggest hit that night and could feel the shark rolling. he must have rolled up to the top and gnawed my mono. clean/straight cut so i'm thinking that's what happened.

so...i've thought about it. i'm now thinking of going still with the 15lb mono, but then i'm thinking of adding about 2' of wire "pre-leader" then the wire rig.

might work, there may be a better way, but it's worth a shot. i bought 80' of 60lb wire leader material to make my own rigs, leaders, wired hooks, etc.

we'll see how that goes.

Keep me updated, we can work together to fine tune the perfect rig.
I don't fish for sharks, but why not up the main line from 15lb to 20-30lb perhaps? Most of these ocean fish don't seem to be super line shy so you can easily get away with using 20-30lb test line in my opinion. Of course it doesn't help in situations where the shark manages to bite thru the mainline, but at least you'll have the comfort of a stronger mainline in case of that "big one".

Just a thought.
Yea, valid observation on their shyness, or not so shyness. I will most likely do a 60-70lbs. braided, and a 30lbs. mono, with a 2-2.5' wire leader.

Do you think a Kayak would help getting your bait out their far enough, or does it not really matter around here?
nah. around here the shark stay pretty close to shore. they eat crustatians, squid, dead stuff, etc.

i, personally, would go for heavier line, but since my rod is doing double duty as a surf striper rig, i keep it at 15lb. back in the day we'd fish with 25 to 30 mono. have never really liked braid, but it's better for this kind of fishing.

i remember the hot ticket being grass shrimp for the big sharks. now a days they're a cheaper date and go for squid. haha
FishStalkerDave wrote:
Yea, valid observation on their shyness, or not so shyness. I will most likely do a 60-70lbs. braided, and a 30lbs. mono, with a 2-2.5' wire leader.

That sounds pretty ideal. Most of my saltwater gear is using 50-65lb braid mainline and 20-30lb mono or fluoro topshot and it works great for variety of species so what you have in mind should be perfect.

All this talk about sharks makes me want to go after some. [green]
Fun stuff and almost guaranteed...
I ended up going there 2 weekends ago. I didn't get anything, but everyone was saying how slow it was because of some bay dredging that went on. A guy shortly after I got there, caught a little brown smooth hound shark on squid, about two feet long. A lot of crap just eating my bait, pretty irritating.

What do you think of making a bait ball kinda like you do with catfish? chop up some squid/sardines, throw them into a girls nylon legging, tie it off into a ball, and then put that onto your hook. I feel it would still be a good bait, and bastard crabs and bullheads wouldn't be able to pillage your bait as easy.
havent tried that for shark, but it may work.

i like using miracle thread. couple wraps and it's usually good.
I had to go to northshore oahu for this Galopogos...



Me baitfishing for mackarel, as the deckhand distracts the sharks.

Hit RICK up he likes to shark fish by the dumbarton bridge.
i live right next to dumbarton, but you really have to pay attention to tides there.

if you're at low tide or if it's on its way out you have a very slim chance of good fishing.

for me...not worth it, but i have seen some really nice shark and rays come out of there.

dinos too for that matter. again, tides are definitely key.