New boats coming along

Recently bought a new boat, super stoked how its coming along thought I'd share. Glad I'll finally be able to go out to new lakes and espessially the delta next year. I'll be putting my motor and FF on this weekend ill do a walk around video once its all together.

I should have taken before pics.
So far it's been repainted, redecked, recarpeted
Thats gonna be one bad ass fish catching machine.
when your done.
Looking goooooood, looking good!
Thats pretty sweet im liking it
Thanks guys, im pretty excited to take it out. i finally have a livewell so i'll hopefully be taking pictures with big fish in both hands next year. haha
Looking good man, what was it before? How long? Im looking to do a project similar to that, my toon with trolling motor is awesome but winters in the water are cold.
That thing looks sweet! Have you had it on the water yet? Curious how a hull of that design will handle chop/ wakeboard boat wakes. I took my flat-back canoe to Calero on a ski/wake infested day and it was unpleasant. Come to think of it, it would have been unpleasant in a big boat too ;( .
Very cool hull! What are ya going to power her with?
jtmoney- Thanks, its made by sun dolphin not positive on the model but i think its 12ft long by 5ft wide. they come decked already all i did was change the color scheme put new wood and carpet.

Houla - I havnt yet, never even crossed my mine. hopfully it handles chop well.

winddog- for now ill just be running a 45lb thrust mini kota edge i also have a transom mount minn kota that i might use on bigger lakes to get me around a little faster till i get a outboard