New Brighton surf fishing Jan 29th

Hung the "out of office" sign up yesterday and hit New Brighton Beach Capitola for some surf fishing fun yesterday. What an amazing weather day, was down to shorts and tshirt by 9:30am. Got there late at about 8:45-tide was still high. @ the beach down from the parking lot started with grubs for Perch had a couple of nibbles but I was anxious to move north slightly along the cliffs and rocks and cast for a possible striper-never know :D . I threw a kastmaster 2 oz with bucktail for about an hour or so up and down the cliffs in the rocks-Nada! ;( Went back to the beach and tried some grubs again, dug up a few sand crabs-Nada! ;( . I can't complain weather was gorgeous-about 70! Had a few cigars on the beach, watched a few good looking girls go by from my pack chair (that' why I'm called beachpotato :D ). Strike out on the fish, but had a great day on the beach-and didn't go to work :) . Water was crystal clear and calm, really gentle wave action. Anyway should be surf fishing Carmel Beach or somewhere down there this weekend, Sat or Sun or both maybe. With the wife so have to do wife time too. Let you know if I come up with something on the beach.
I would go just for the good looking babes that walk by [red] ...who wants to smell like fish then? lol
Absolutely G-Lou! That is a surf fishing benefit not to be taken lightly! I always say I'm going to fish the beach and travel light as possible. But I always enjoy my aluminum beach fishing chair, has a rod holder, cup holder, pack on the pack. Only weighs in at 5 pounds. So when I'm tired of throwing stuff in the water, I like to sit back and pull out a cool one, smoke my cigar and "girl watch" [green] "ocean watch" "pelican watch" "dolphin watch" in that order.

One of these times I'm not going to bring the chair (cuz I know it's limiting fishing range) and be totally mobile and work lots more territory. Never had anything stolen on the beach yet but I don't wander to far from my chair. Keep my valuables on me in my fishing vest, but jackets, other gear, spare rod at the chair. kind of always lookin over my shoulder to be sure it's safe.