new edition to my big bass baits

Here you go guys its on now
Delta action for sure !!!
Im sure. And i know itll work at some other places i fish
Im sure. And i know itll work at some other places i fish
Had to get a second color lol
Hmmmm.. wonder if those will work on Delta stripers in the shallow.
Im sure it would or at least u may end up hammering a big largemouth
Black one is sexy!!!!!

Stripers will hammer almost any top water you throw out.
I need to start buying big swim baits too.
I've stayed away from them because it's hella expensive.
has anyone tried the mikey made by Jackal ?
Lol i put away 10 to 20bucks a week away so i can buy my stuff lol
Those Mikey's by Jackal are flipping bad ass!
They swim really sweat
I remember seeing these spro rats on youtube last year being tested. Massive topwater blow ups! good luck on catching a double digit 8-)
Thanks man maybe see u on the water
I might even pick up the morning dawn colored rat as well cause it was specifically designed for california
Ohhh yeah boys so as of now i own 2 floating 4 inch bbz1 shads one sexy lavender shad one killer gill and just picked up the fast sink version of those colors as well and a bbz1 jr in sexy lavender shad floating version and the 2 rats
And i will definitly have one of my rats tied up all year. And i will be having one of my other bbz's tied on another rod as well this year, its on
Those rats are soooo sick. Action is killer, super versatile. Was playing with mine today. Doesn't spro make a killer swim bait. Just ordered 2 more today to add to my arsenal.
Yes yes u can see my bbz collection i listed lol ill take a pic of them all together one day