new guy here

well ima new guy here came over from fishsniffer i live in the san jose area so i thought hell why not give this place a try so wanted to introduce my self and hope to see somke of you guys out there on the local lakes

and if anyone is going to go to calero tonorrow ima be there with my brother banking it will post a report tomorrow [green]
thanks robert
Hello Robert, nice you found your way to our fun group of peoples. Sniffer is a cool site, just so much going on there. This place has friendly polite peeps and not so much fighting or bad words. Was tryin to get my dad out fishing but thought we'd wait a week. Good luck, let us know how you do...
Ragga Ryan
went to calero and uvas both nothing tried crawlers n minnows plastics jigs cranks topwaters spinners swimbaits basicaly tried it all near the dam then near the dock and inbetween that nothing evryone i asked said nothing either and i lost # brand new lures but the water is real high >:-(