New lure I created and am selling. Topwater crazyness!

Here's a new take on what has already been taking the bass fishing world by storm. I Christened it the "BamaBuzz" and I'm offering it in two configurations. The first version I dubbed "The Chaser" and it implements what saltwater fisherman have been doing for decades, inciting competition. When you clip in a swimbait, it will appear as if the swimbait (ie: small fish) is trying to eat/attack the school of smaller fish; hence evoking an aggressive reaction from a bass. Look at any spreader bar or daisy chain for big game fishing and you will see that they are rigged up this way.

Additionally, each bait comes rigged with two QuadBuzz buzzbait blades, and 2 clacker blades. The amount of disturbance this thing makes is ridiculous }:(

Here's a video showing how it looks in the water. Since it's January, I won't be getting any catching-videos for a little while haha

The Chaser $25 picked up/$30 shipped:



Classic BamaBuzz $20 picked up/$25 shipped:


SICK!! I knew someone would have the idea to configure the alabama rig and make it their own.
Thats really cool! :)
Wicked!!!!! 8-)