New SJB T-Shirt Ideas?

Hey Guys,

I think I need to make some new t-shirts for the upcoming big bass mama season, what do you guys think?

I was thinking we could put the SJB log on the front, but on the back we can put some sort of slogan...

What do you guys think?

Maybe something like:

"Say No To Zebra Mussels"

"Give us our reservoirs back!"

Any more ideas?

And this year I will stay away from black, it was just too dang hot in those things.

I've always liked that quit hatin one....grey would be cool.
Dude, Jerbs, you may very well hit the nail on the head with your suggestion. For those of you who don't remember, the slogan is:

Stop hating. Start fishing.

That one has my vote, hands down. Nice work Jerbs.

Maybe something like this:


or this one...

No problemo. No work done on my came up with it. IMO the lakes are a little much...what are those last three anyways [green]
can you fit all 3 lol
I like the slogan too, and Im with Jerbs... No lake names....

I really need to get a new shirt Marce, mine is worn out and got smelly jelly stains on it.
Slogan works I like the first one, but no lake names.
What about long sleeve?
Long sleeve shirts are way cool...How about something like ...
Catch and Release
Let em go...Watch them grow!

Down the sleeve can say: Preserve our waters

Thought this might promote the catch and release conservation of our local Bass.
Raggamuffin Rippin wrote:
Long sleeve shirts are way cool...How about something like ...
Catch and Release
Let em go...Watch them grow!

Down the sleeve can say: Preserve our waters

Thought this might promote the catch and release conservation of our local Bass.

I like this also. It would be nice to see a long sleeve in black and maybe the short sleeve in Grey and also White. LS maybe also White or Grey to go along with the black.
I would also request, we print our SJBASS logo above the print. Glad to see some one liked my idea....Thanks. Black and white just like the Bassaholics long sleeve shirts. Still room for logos and/or sayings on the back as well...people can see us comming and going!
Still thinking of some thing for the back design! I will return soon! :)
Hey how about for the back of the shirts....





(707) 262-5852



We can collect:
$50.00 from sponsor: trade for a shirt with advertisement on back.
$100.00 from sponsor: trade for shirt with advertisement on back, and a listing on our site, with a new tab of sponsors. We will have to create a sponsor tab for the top of the page to list them all.

This should help with the creation expenses as well as put $ in our fund for tourney permits and so forth. I can create an application to fill out, as a receipt of sponsor money, they can sign and give us the rights to advertise their names on our shirts. We will sign the form as well verifying acceptance of moneys for sponsorship.
In closing I also know silkscreen printers here in Hayward and well as having the connection to get hats embroidered for us too from some one elses company I have done business with in the past. So I have two companies to go to...silkscreening ans embroidering. Hats can have our "logo with catch and release" on the front and across the back..."preserve our waters". No room for sponsors on the hats! Just a thought that can help us create our merchandise and put some extre $ in our expense fund. I will need members help with aquiring sponsors and collectin money, but with our great group we should be able to handle this with no problem and no cost to us...and a prosperous future for SJBASS.COM
"Save Our Waterways, Take a Politician Fishing"

"Save The Delta, Shoot A Politician"

"Save The Delta, "Dam" A Politician"

"No More Bureaucatic B*llshit"
"Give Us Back Our Lakes"
"San Justo, Coyote, Chesbro, Uvas,"
"Stevens Creek Resv, Alamaden Resv, Alamaden Lake Park,"
"Lexington Resv, Loch Lomond,"
don't forget the pinto bean
You guys tryin to look like you're going to nascar? lol

Good idea on the sponsor thing though ragga.
Hey Jerbs, just left your Bassturds site. Saw your update...pretty cool mon! Had fun during my visit. The angler of the month section was pretty darn nice! Got some cool pics there too. Do y6ou like to stop at that particular bar for the good drinks or is there a "foxy red eye bartender" there.

We'll see if the sponsor thing pans out...I can do it with a few peoples help, asking their favorite tackle shop owners. I have a few in mind, as you saw from above post. If a hand full of us can get one sponsor each, we can really make this site blow up! Possibly be able to hand the first batch of shirts out for free, to all the active SJBASS members. Most of us will want more than one shirt and we can purchase the second. I think RICK has sticker maker contacts as well.
We can always lower the fees to $25. and $50., and just get more of them, for the mere cost of what we pay them for a swimbait!
Just depends on what Marce and fellow editors would like. I will help in any way I can. I just want my first SJBASS shirt period. (8-| A sticker or some thing! :D