new techniques

does anybody fish the LV-500? whats your favorite method of retrieving? Being a lure I hadn't had any confidence in as of 2 weeks ago, I recently started nailing bass on them at a local lake. Does anybody have any tips, I have been going with a quick pump type retrieve. I know a lot of guys throw rattle traps, or red eye shads on this board. Just wondering, thanks for reading
Go with whatever your most confident in! Confidence equals fish!
Yo-yo retrieve, but let it hit bottom each time. They'll slam it on the fall.

If you're in grass, reel just fast enough to tick the grass every so often. When you get hung up, rip it hard to free it, then continue your retrieve.
g3steve is right on it. i always reel it in about 3 4 times then pull. then do it again.. they always hit on the pull when the (rapala) is on.. iv been having luck with the rapala minnows by the way where ever i fish