New to this forum

Hi Guys,

Well I've been freshwater fishing now for about 6 months and got a gift card for bass pro shops and with a total of 5 rods now decided to take the plunge into getting a saltwater rod & reel. I'm pretty excited to start trying this out.

You're gonna love the ocean!

Just remember, you don't necessarily need to buy complete new setups. Depending on what you're fishing for, some of your freshwater gear may be used in the salt as well. Always rinse your stuff down thoroughly with freshwater when you're done and it should be fine.

Not much going on in the ocean right now other than perch and crabs, so its going to be a good time to get your gear ready for spring/summer. Have fun!
Just got an 11' beefstick in the mail today. I have a Penn reel coming in on Monday! Looking forward to getting my beefstick wet lol

Nice you got yourself a good surf rod. I have an 8.5 ft beefstick and I love it.

Right now isn't the best time for fishing the salt but its not horrible. You can snare crabs, catch perch, sharks and rays, Sturgeon season is in at the moment too.