New Video - CA Delta Stripers and Largemouths - Rus Snyders

Awesome video.. Sweeeeeeet!!!!!
Straight beasting it! Hope to get on your level someday, or at least semi close haha.
Excellent video.... Looking forward to making a couple of my own this season.
some nice stripers russ!!!!!!
looks like I need to get on a boat with mr Snyders!
Very nice!
If you get a chance to get on Rus's boat you should. I been out there with him a couple times and was never disappointed. Taught me alot and the dude will put you on fish plain and simple. Good vid Rus.
ya definetly as most of you know i go out with rus quite often and everyimte he puts me on fish
Video is simply sic, as are all of his videos. It looks like I might have to book a trip with Rus this year.
thats an awsome video!!!
Thanks for the kind words you guys. Finally got the computer and software to help me make some better quality videos. Planning on getting a couple more out by the end of the year. Smallmouth at Trinity, and striper fishing the surf around Pacifica and SF.