Nice clearance deals on lures at Sport Chalet

Was just picking up some bait at the sport chalet in Eastridge Mall, San Jose. Picked up some nice holographic stick baits for sale. The brand is YOZURI which is a pretty pricey brand of lures.

I got this rainbowtrout stick bait for 2.50$!!!! Original price was 12.99. Got another one in minnow pattern for 4$ original price was 14.99. When I left there was one rainbow trout stick bait left and some nice yozuri rat-l-trap lure.

I know this is the wrong board but I figured more people check this one.

Big thanks for the heads up and for leaving the other rainbow Yozuri [green] I grabbed that and a Rapala XRap...also they had a lot of stuff at 40% off and I ended up getting a Teramar rod!