Night fish?

Can you night fish from a toon? If so would you launch from Wood Choppers?
H2O, Actually I was talking to a ranger at cotoye who mentioned that they might do a one night deal for boats at Anderson. not to sure when but i guess if you put some lighting on you tube it would be cool. But normally there is no night fishing there.
Ok, so no night fishing.

So what time could I launch my kick-boat from Wood Choppers within the law?
Same as a regular vessel, which is 8am.

Do they have a gate there? If not, you could probably get away with it, but you would still be "breaking the law" ;D
There is a gate, but you can still park on the road right next to it and launch from there. I had my boat in the water and just about to take off when the Ranger came to open the gate. He didn't say a thing.
Gates open at 8am at Anderson (Launchramp and Woodchoppers. If you want to get an early start, u can park outside of woodchoppers and carry the toon in. With the water level way up. Its not a long walk at all. ;)