NO more DFG in CA... its now DFW...

DFG is now DFW. Department of Fish and Wildlife..
All because of bad public relations due to that guy hunting mountain lions in another state. Kinda dumb but whatever.
Trust me, this has nothing to do with public relations. This has to do with a liberal agenda to take away hunting and fishing in Ca. This is just a stepping stone. In a time when the state is completely broke they have the money to spend to change all logos, uniforms, letterhead, email systems, websites, etc, etc....That is millions of dollars...not for public relations.
I believe so. That is why they do not want to refer themselves California's hunt species "Game" but Wildlife.. as if they was more valuable meaning behind it.
suck 2013 license says fish and game....i'm such a rebel
TheGrayElephant wrote:
suck 2013 license says fish and game....i'm such a rebel

lol mine says it too
slo reffer ,
you are correct , liberal a-holes that wanted the name change to meet selfish "lawyer" driven agenda's. AND , yes , it cost's millions to implement this change at a time when the economy couldn't be worse .
Next time you get a chance to vote , just remember crap like the new DFW.
tight lines ----while you can.