No Sales Tax @ Mel Cotton's  3/29 - 4/1!!!

12th Annual Spring
Fishing Expo 2007

Saturday & Sunday ~ March 31st & April 1st

Sale Thursday (3/29) thru Sunday (4/1)
Awesome post! Thanks for looking out.

Wow sounds like a great chance to pick up some gear. 8-)
Me and the wife had dinner at Race Street Seafood and stopped by Mel Cotton's after. As always, with any fishing retailer, I'm like a kid in a candy store! :-/ All soft plastic baits were 'buy 3, get 1 free'. Since I didn't really need anything...I was able to keep the debit card in the wallet! ;D
There's also a 20% off one item coupon in their flyer which should be in this weekend's mercury news. you have to read the fine print though, I don't think it applies to certain brands. (probably loomis)