The California Fish and Game Commission removed the requirement that mandated California recreational anglers “display” their license when fishing. Supporting The Sportfishing Conservancy’s “No-Wear” campaign, the Commission adopted regulations that starting in 2010, anglers can now fish with their license in their wallet or tackle box like fishermen around the rest of the country.

LOS ANGELES - The California Fish and Game Commission (CFGC) met at the
Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles Wednesday, December 9 and Thursday, December 10 to discuss several pressing issues for outdoorsmen. The meetings, which were open to the public, covered the standard topics regarding budget and regulation, but two matters seemed to highlight Thursday’s meeting: the unveiling of the "Warden's Stamp", and the adoption of the "No Wear Fishing Initiative".
Both proposals were the innovations of The Sportfishing Conservancy of Long Beach, Calif. The Warden's Stamp is a voluntary $5 stamp, which will be sold alongside hunting and fishing licenses; they will be voluntary and will help fund special equipment for wardens, help in their advanced training and provide some family benefits that the state no longer can afford. The legislation was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in October and the new stamp design and availability were confirmed Thursday. The stamps will be available for purchase after the first of the year.
"Anglers have persistently led the fight for conservation and wardens have tirelessly protected California's resources," said April Wakeman, programs director for The Sportfishing Conservancy. "Great fishing depends on great resources," she added.
The "No Wear Initiative" gained support throughout the year from anglers who were tired of constantly losing their licenses or being tangled in equipment. The initiative, which was also approved Thursday, no longer requires anglers to "visually display" their licenses. Raftican said the effort is not designed to make enforcement more difficult but to make it easier to comply and reduce the number of lost licenses. The new regulations will be implemented sometime after the beginning of 2010.
"The voice of the recreational angler can play an important role in making positive changes at the Commission," said Raftican. "These accomplishments just go to show recreational fishermen what we can get done when we do our homework and work cooperatively with the Commission.”

Whoo Hoo It has been on the discussion topics at the harbor all last month and this one...Yay! Only took 15 yrs to give us a break... (8-|
I have always carried my license in my walet... Only one ranger/dfg gave me lip about it. They would have to be pretty big douch to write a fine for it.
i have been threatened for not having it on , some are douche bags fer sure
yay i hope that regulation still applies when i get a fishing licence
Now this is some good news!!!