November at Calero

Went out to Calero Saturday, even though I new it was going to be tough with the cold front. First spot spent a few minutes graphing fish, saw fish but no takers.. Next spot was stacked 18-25ft, Switched to "Hot Dog" and bing, bing, bing, bing, ect.. Ended with 11 bass, 2 catfish and 1 crappie for about 4 and a half hours of fishing.. Bass all caught on 'Hot dog" were chunks, between 2.5-4lbs biggest just under 6lbs.. Did manage a crank fish and even a top water fish... Water temp. still warm but cooling at 62. Never caught a catfish at Calero and caught two back to back at about 3-3.5lbs. Don't know what the deal with that was but I'll take it, must be feeding up too..

I saw jcab slapp'in the crappie, he has that down.. Nice few hours on the water.. Go get'em.

Set'Em Good
Cold one today well done
Good to see u back in the game there Set'em Good 8-) I gotta start learnin " Hot Doggin" to get in on the Bass action too. I did land 3 today all in bout 16 feet of water with jigs. Not very big but feisty and aggressive. Can't wait to get out again.
Nice post , good job on finding them and getting them to go .
I assume you are saying Senko when you describe it as a hot dog?
It's interesting that the catfish would stack up with the bass .
Were you throwing your hot dog weightless or dshot.
I went to Calero a few weeks ago and the shad were thick in the backs of some of the bigger coves , in one cove they were all totally bunched into one school , around my boat you could see shad from the surface down to about 2-3 feet and the school had to be tens of thousands of shad. Interesting that the bass were not chasing them. I could only assume they feed at a different time of the day.
I bet your itching to start throwing those crankbaits!!
Tight lines ,
Talk about letting the hotdog out of the bag set'em good. you may not have the lake to your self this winter if you keep buttering the buns.
Back in the day you never post about the hotdog.( wants up?)
ooohh, ooo hot dog... Come and check your skills... Winter time donkey rides, for people that want to listen..
Winter BassFishing DowlDrums right around the corner? I see all the usual excuses comin: 1) I'm not a morning person 2) I'm gonna take time for Honey-Do's 3) I'll be Delta Striper Hunting when actually your home baking cookies w/kids wondering why the bass at Calero aren't biting 4) Deer-hunting is in season and so forth 5) Much love gang!!! Fish On!!!
set em good ,
I must be to old or to stupid. Maybe I have killed off to many brain cells !!!
I asked about the senko because it's a winter time technique that I have started using when I fish Anderson . The fish are bigger than usual when you get them , but you have to be willing to fish them deep and slow( and weightless).
Anyhow , I am sure I will get em my next trip to little C.
Tight lines,
1Old man,
I was talking about skill to "caphab" on the last thread, I try to show him but he always wants to use something else...:) I don't know about you but if someone is catching fish after fish, I am putting on the same exact bait they are using...

Set'Em Good
your guys are gonna laugh,

I actually went to calero the other day and had a pc of hotdog on my girlfriends line =) no bites but i figured it's a cost effective way to try new things.

heading to coyote sunday, can't wait
Keep it cool fellas - SJB is a peaceful forum, sort of like our reservoirs in the winter. ;-) I myself will be looking to hit the delta for some linesiders - let's do this!
And just like that - POOF! the thread has been moderated.

This is the fourth time since 2007 that I have had to moderate a thread, and truth be told I don't like doing it - especially on Saturday moning.

Let's just all take a step back, think of the bigger picture, and think of how miniscule this is in the grand scheme of things. It's a fishing site, and a peaceful on at that, and I intend to keep it that way.

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