Nuke ponds (behind oak ridge) catfish?

Does anyone know if there is catfish in there? I have a idea I want to explore.
I've seen em caught at the possibility is there but i would be very surprised if you caught one. I have caught a couple sculpins there though... :)
Don't know about the Nuke ponds but I know there are some 15"ers in the Parkway Lake on Monterey Rd. by Metcalf.

Seen a dude with a bucket caught two with worms. Told him that it's not wise to eat fish caught from there but he just gave me a blank stare and smiled so I got on my bike and went on my way.
I was talkin to a salesman at Mel cottons and he said a few years ago someone pulled a monster cat out of there. If you want a positive sighting I can tell you there absolutely are blue cats in the middle pond at Campbell percs. It was stocked periodically last year.
This sounds like a beer and chair kinda evening... With multiple hooks covering different baits. Anyone have a RC boat I can borrow?