Oakridge ponds!

My brother caught this on a drop-shot rig, Aarons Magic Roboworm. Pretty good fish for Oakridge.
holy s$#%^$!!!!

that's a fatty yo. did you weigh it by chance?
No, but we estimated in the high 6's, and I'm pretty close within a few ounces. It might have even gone 7 -It was a huge fish.
When we do have a scale, we'll guess first and then weigh it so we're getting better at eyeballing fish. Here's another shot with his son in the pic to put it in perspective... hahaha the kid usually likes to touch the smaller fish but you can see he was scared of this one
nice fish!! definitely a good one for oakridge...its good to know that the big ones are still around. last few trips out there for me have been mostly dinks.
Yeah same here, until this I hadn't seen anything bigger than three lbs come out of this pond
nice to see that someone has luck there. i still have not gotten a bit there yet......
how do you get there?
Welcome to SJB looking forward to reading your future posts lol Check out this link which contains maps and more info from the guys on Oakridge. oakridge-pond-fishing-3152.html
I was there today from 430-600pm. I got two dinks and lost a 1.5lber on a spinnnerbait. The rain kept my stay short.
I still need to get out there once!
went to the water district on via monte and picked up a dink. ended up losing 3 lures to the tules and managed to get them back, ended up finding 4 lures in that area and 3 more plus a rod holder over the course of the day (gotta love low water levels!)