Okuma big bait series XH rod with reel, Hudds and Punker

Okuma big bait rod 7'11" XH with a Abu Garcia C3 left hand reel. Spooled up with 25lb P-Line CXX. Also have 2 8" Hudds, one is a Rof 12 the other is a Rof 0 (the 0 has never been in the water,) 2 6" 68 special hudds. The trout pattern is a rof 12 the albino is a 5. Also have a solid wood Lunker Punker-color is Delta Shiner. I would like to sell as a package deal. At this time in my life I don't have the patience to wait for that "big bite." I have used this rod and reel for maybe a total of 3 hours. All this would cost you over $350 if bought new. Asking $250. Call or text Ryan for more info at 4088920719. See attached pictures.
I have received a few inquiries about splitting up the package. I would be interested in hearing offers.

The 68's, Lunker Punker, and reel have been spoken for.

Still for sale-
Rod $80
ROF 0 8" Huddleston in "hold over" $20
ROF 12 8" Huddleston in "golden shiner" $20
Everything is SOLD. Thanks everyone.
Thanks Ryan!