O'neil Forebay

Went to the forebay after work for 20-30min and caught this little guy I first casted out a popper got a hit but when attempting to set the hook twice the fish didn't hold on then switched up to a buck tail red and white jig nothing then I switched over to a chartreuse buck tail jig and after a few cast I hooked on to this 14inch casted a few more times more got plenty of bites but no commitment
Must be nice, to be able to stop at the forebay after work, for some striper action.
Nice catches BigBear!
Thanks fellas hopefully I'll have the same luck or even better this weekend. [green]
Nice! The 2 times I went striper fishin I caught nothing but seaweed this summer. I hear if you watch for the birds diving for the small 'minnows' and try around there it can be good. I wish I lived by the ocean. I miss the beauty of it.
Well the O'Neil forebay is not the ocean its close to Los Banos off 152 and 33 look it up on YouTube.com lots of people post there videos and its where the biggest striped bass was caught and held the world record but it was broken a few years ago
Went out to the forebay Sunday and was able to catch a nice 15 inch striper using the bucktail chartreuse was only fishing half an hour, half an hour later my my cousin was able to catch an 18 ½ inch striper we only finished about 4 hours and that's all we caught got plenty of bites using anchovies all in all it was a good day.
Went to the forebay Sunday morning 18th after the rain and bites were on, I can see people were catching limit fish I was using a hair raiser all white jig and caught the two legal stripers in 30mins and cuzin got a nice one too on an anchovie, we only fished for 2hrs, my good friend at the Main St Bait and tackle shop told me that once this cold front came in the bites have been more consistent and that the bigger fish came out to play, if you get time I suggest to go take warm cloths though its cold out there
Bigbear - were you just casting and reeling the bucktail or were you trolling it? If casting.. what kind of retrieve method did you use? Sorry, never used a bucktail before so just wondering.
No problem I can answer any question ya I casted and retrieved it was a slow medium retrieval and then I would pop it and continue retrieving at the same speed but continue popping it to imitate a dying fish but keep the line tight at all times and when you feel that snag on your line pop it again just to set the hook man oh man its a bunch of fun!!
After my wife convincing me to hit up the forebay we went. We for set up through out our bait and immediately got bites my boii was the first and only one who caught a fish everyone down the bay was also getting hits. Anchovies weren't the ticket chicken liver and worms were a hit. Mostly babys but I didn see one legal fish but the guy lost it I laught my ass off. Sry i had too.