Ooo That Smell

So I'm curious what you guys think about scents. Do you use them and do the help? I like the Spike It aerosols in Lizard, Shad and Nightcrawler for ease of application plus the Berkeley Bass liquid. I've fished Yamamoto lizards side by side with and without scent and find that the scent does make a difference.

What do you think, got a favorite? (8-|
I used that bass gravy stuff liked it, then i got into bang used the aerosol spray thing it works well , then i bought a big ass botle of bang liquid pumpy thingy
one night out at a night tourney i had my sunglasses on my head , my reading glasses lying on the kickboat on my left hand side, i sprayed that shoot on my plastic tralier it hit my jig and splashed right back into my friggin eyes i screamed joked screamed knocked the glasses off my head, my reading glasses in the drink my cooler went a floatin down the river and i caught no fish that lonely dark as night middle rivr
Smelly Jelly or Mega Stike ALWAYS WRK!!!!!

hey try out liquid krill gel. that stuff really works on all fish.
don't use any

Pro Cure.
yeah i use that

I’v e seen some peeps use something that straightup looks like a chapstick… seemed to keep the fish bite & hold on longer :man_shrugging: