Out fished by a 4 yr. old

Caught a ton of small ones at coyote today. Biggest fish went to the smallest one there my 4 year old. He brought her in by himself with me just holding on a little above the real to make sure he didn't get the rod pulled out of his hands.
That last pic is absolutely priceless. Congrats!
Can you ask him what he caught it on? lol
We caught all our fish today on baby brush hogs. Lizards have been working too. I talked to a guy Monday that was fishin a wacky rigged tube bait, said he caught a 10 pounder and lost one he thought was 15.
Awesome Pictures Priceless moments !!
Great to see the little ones getting involved! That bottom picture should be in a frame!
That's bad ass i wish I had time ..!!!
yup that bottom pic has got to be framed. Congrats on the fun!

Cant wait for my lil boy to start fishin with me!
awesome picture , something you and he will never forget.
started my son out about the same age and now he bass fishes all the time and loves it .
"show em something good to do " or someone else will show em bad things to take up thier time.
Very nice pic and bass for your son. is this close to the dam?
Hey Swiss, ya we caught fish in several coves north of the ramp.
Thanks Frontsight, I wasn't very successful last weekend south of the ramp. Only a few bites on wakky rigged senko.
We saw a lot of fish shallow that weren't interested. Ya just gotta keep movin around and casting.