PB on Friday 3/14

After getting home from work Friday morning around 7am I couldn't sleep so decided to hit up Anderson. Stopped by Coyote Bait on the way to pick up a swimbait and some drop shot hooks since Anderson doesn't open till 8am. The guy workin there really helped me out.
Anyway, after about 10 minutes of throwing a swimbait at the first spot I get a hit. Now, its been a while since I've felt any sort of movement on my rod while Bass fishing so I was pretty excited. Couple more cast and nuthin. So, I pick up the retrieve speed and on the first cast "bump bump bump!". Feel the hits so I set the hook and felt as this Bass thrashed about trying to spit my swimbait. Didn't get the weight tho, I was so excited I finally got 1 I didn't think about it. Haha.
Unknown bass314.jpg

About ten minutes later trying to do the same exact thing I did on the last cast that got me my first Bass, I was towards the end of my retrieve and getting ready to pull it out of the water when I felt "BUMP BUMP!". Since it was so close to shore I saw it instantly and didn't get a good fight out of her but man I was juiced after! My PB of 6.12lbs! [green]
612 bass.jpg
My first swimbait fish!

Fished for about 10-15 more minutes and the sun came out and got pretty hot so decided to leave for the day. Was a rush feeling a Bass on the end of my line and was even more of a rush to land the 6lber. After all these hours going out, cast after cast, skunk after skunk all made worth it in this 1 hour of fishing. Still feeling the adrenaline! haha. Tight lines, Happy fishing!!
Nice fish and grats on the new PB!
Congrats man!
Nice fish. grats on the new PB.
Nice fish, congrats!
Thanks everyone!