Penitencia Creek Perc Ponds

Hello All,
First off I want to say that I am new to this site and Bass fishing all together. I actual just started fishing again. My daughter and I were out at the ponds yesterday for about an hour and got nothing. I was using a non floating worm and she was using a spin bait. We saw several trout but were unable to hook anything. Wondering if anyone could give us some pointers on which baits and how to use them. Thanks all and happy fishing.
You can't go wrong with a texas rigged senko in the spring. If you are not familiar with a T-Rig, google it to see how to rig it. I use a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG Worm hook for the 5" Senkos. There is no wrong way to fish a senko.
Tin Can,
Thanks for the info. I will have to pick some of those up. When I was a kid we used to fish for catfish in the delta. It was a much different time then. I will hopefully try again this weekend and will post an update then.
The closest thing to a sure bite right now is Anderson, in the morning or late afternoon. You won't catch big fish, but you should catch fish!