Penitencia perc ponds 3/30

Fished the Penitencia/Noble perc ponds from sunset 'til 8:30 last night. Didn't catch, see, or even hear a fish, which keeps my perfect zilch record there intact :)

Anybody ever caught anything there?
I caught a 6.5 out there on top water. But I dont catch a ton of fish there. But the ones I do catch are pretty good.
Yea there are some bass in there and me and my fishing buddy have pulled some out..none over a pound. Seen a guy in person with a six pound catch there. Also 2 summers ago I spotted some monster bass by the back end where the bridge is but... there always lure shy. On numerous occasions I would throw a different lures by them.... but they always swim away. Everything I've caught there was ona Texas rigged. plastic craws or worms.
Last summer, not long after we moved to San Jose and I discovered the Penitencia ponds by spotting them from high up on Sierra road and driving around until I found them, I saw tons of baby bass (no more than 3", but big enough to clearly see their markings with polarized sunglasses) around the shore in all the ponds. Wonder where all those little guys got to?
My son and I fish there every day we have caught 4 bass there most around a pound there are some big fish in there I have seen them tough to catch
yeah their are fish in those ponds nice size too just hard to find them. its always worth trying there tho.
i use to go there alot along time ago but found out the ponds on coleman are way better.. :)