photo section r u serious golden

i was lookin at he pic sec and saw a bass caught next to the golden gate bridge. was that photoshoped? or are there really bass there.
The bass there hit on hoochies and squid rigs. [8|] [green]
Try using a ShakyTaint....good reaction bait! [8|] [8:)
I've seen Jimmy G and Kev both use powerbait there.............come on guy's tell the truth. [8:)
i mean in the pic section theres a large mouth bass not a striper.
I think he got that one.. on a dropshot rig right off the point lol [8|]
Bay waters are much too rough to keep the powerbait on the hook.
Kev uses PB dipped in Troutzilla..tends to stay on much longer [red]
why would you want to use powerbait there or troutzilla? there arn't trout there.
JimmyG prefers corn on a surf leader.
how you catch bass on corn or powerbait?
Kevkc can u answer this one [8:) For anyone on Trout techniques...kev will be holding a
Trout Seminar @ Sure catch ponds [red] Feeling a lil awkward [red] [red]
Right after your monkey seminar.
I sure miss fishing with you guys.
lol Yeah we need to get out soon. The holidays are here...maybe we can plan just one day out :D Before we call it a year. By the way Kev wants to add a Trout Section [red]
OMG !!!!!!.....This thread is CRACKN ME UP!!!!!.....HAhahahahahaha....


I tried them "hootchies" with a piece of corn, ya know, like for trout and kokes?? out there...The only thing I caught was one of those windsurfer dudes! at 185 pounds it was quite a fight, but I ended up throwing him back.
I like throwing the weedless senkos out there. Much less "by-catch".