Pillar Point Tuesday morning

Went off Pillar Point last Tuesday and got my limits of crab (6), rockfish (10) and lingcod (2), here's the big one!!

Total for the boat was 5 crab limits (30), 5 rockfish limits (50) and 3 lingcod.
Very nice...what boat were you on? Lingcod looks awsome. How much was the trip?
Nice ling!
Looks like you did great out there! It was your lucky day!
Limits of everything!
How many people were on the boat?
What charter did you take?
Didn't get the name of the boat owner, the contact was through my uncle's friend (I heard he was driving from Hayward, not sure). I think the cost was $500.
Nice catch!! Was it $500 for the 5 of you? Sounds like it was a good trip. I've been trying to book a trip like this. If you have anyway of getting ahold of him like a contact number it would be appreciated. Just pm me. Thx I need some crab and fish tacos!! :D