pinto algae

there was an article in the register-pajaronian today about the pinto lake algae. just thought i would post a link to it here. ... &heading=0
mark i was told about this years ago from a long time angler that fishes pinto lake he said when marmos was there he had been fined many times for unlawful sewage dumping in the lake >:(this not good for pinto and all that lives in the lake when i was a young kid i use to swim in this lake its was very clear then this has always been a great bass lake to bad the property owners around the lake dont give a dam about the lake!!!!it may take some time to get the water quality back but as for now septic tainted water and health problems is some thing we have to think about when fishing pinto instead of going there and catching some nice bass sorry about the long winded post len >:(
Eeeeewwwwwww......Mark and we fish there...!!!! lol......
I always new from my first trip there something was up with the water over there....Its too back cause the city should step up and make those property owners add in a sewer line no matter what...They plainly said it was there septic tanks causeing this.....Property owners should be fined for having there septic tank over filling and the runoff which goes into the lake....

All I got to say is, DONT take your dog to this place!!!