Places to take my 8yr old daughter


Just found this place and am looking for suggestions where I can take my 8year old daughter fishing this time of year.

I realize that winter is not the best time for freshwater fishing for bass and panfish, but I want to give it a try while she is interested.

We weekend camp a lot this time of year, so any suggestions in the bay area or the central valley in or near a campground would be perfect.

Thanks for any help

Welcome to SJB DB. You didn't mention your location but fall is a good time of year for trout fishing for the little ones since the water is cooling. Places that get trout stocks can provide some good fun e.g. the Campbell perc ponds or Lake Del Valle in Livermore since there are also playgrounds close by which is important since kids tend to lack patience.

Here's a link to the stocking schedules, ... yDelta.asp

Another option is the Santa Cruz pier, once she gets tired of fishing you can visit the sea lions, wander to the candy store or off to the Boardwalk. This time of year the perch are starting to show and you never know what you'll pull out of the ocean.

Have fun and thanks for taking a kid fishing. lol
Greetings and welcome to SJBass. Nice to see some new folks! It is going to be windy cold and possibly a little wet out there in Santa Clare Co. Wind gusts are at 10 mph this weekend. Have been browsing the south lakes and not sure where to go myself. Clearlake might be less windy, but quite far to go for you to travel for a little fun fishing. Trout at Parkway maybe for you and your little one. Anderson report is windy, Colero, is not so hot this time of year for me, Coyote is open for bank fishing and has camp grounds I hear. Del valle has camp grounds too, but haven't tried that body of water for a while. Good luck and enjoy your time with your child! WTG on being an active Father! 8-)

Thanks for the suggestions.

We camped at Coyote last weekend which is what sparked her idea to go fishing (after she chased the turkeys, tried to feed the deer and threw 1/2 ton of rocks into the reservoir :)

I am considering Camanche, Brannon Island, Grant park, or Uvas for next weekend, really try to find places that do not require a LONG drive, plus are interesting to the kids.

Any opinion on these places this time of year?

Thanks again for welcoming a newbie to the site.

try an ultralight rod/reel at the campbell ponds. most are little bass but she might be thrilled to get one.
Sure Catch Pond at parkway if you have only a short time , i know i know sure catch pond , i got a great video of my daughter fighting a trout on a barbie pole ,like it was zippin out the line she was crakin it in and zippin out line she made like 4 , 5 runs , it was a classic , she was sayin never give up , i never gave up she said , awesome stuff she was like 4
i would recommend del valle. you can camp there and rent a boat. they have largemouth & smallmouth bass as well as trout and you can walk around a little more than half the lake which is really long and narrow.

if you feel like paying, parkway lake has great trout fishing. just make sure you go after it's been clear for a week because the fish are really sensitive here in my opinion.

grant ranch is a nice place to walk around but the fishing isn't that great this time of year.

uvas is kind of a trashy lake but i like to fish there every now and then. fishing can be hit or miss. stick around the launch ramp, stretch from the dam to the cove opposite the launch ramp, and anywhere on the large point.

if you have anymore questions let me know
thanks for all the suggestions