Planning for Almaden Lake, suggestions?


After landing my first little bass in Campbell ponds I'm planning to visit Almaden lake tomorrow with my son. Morning or around sunset, not sure yet.

Any suggestions on time, bait, spots, etc? Any other place on short driving distance that you suggest instead of Almaden lake (lex, calero, ...)?

Thanks in advance
I have only been there once, and got skunked. I am gonna give it another try tomorrow morning. Im gonna be using a dropshot rig, and a texas rigged fluke. If you decide to show up in the AM, I will be the one wearing a HOOK1 hat.
I went there today with some buddy's. We threw nail rigs, sqarebill crankbait and jig. No results ;(

Not sure if you already went, but for me the results have always been reverse. Never gotten a nibble at the Campbell/LG ponds (did catch a dink out of the creek) but have always done well at Almaden. That place always seems to be on fire despite all the pressure!

Also planning on taking the missus out to target some bass at Almaden in a few weeks. Any suggestions appreciated. Will be heading into mid/late fall but I’m unsure of patterns at this small lake. Probably just gonna weightless T-rig some Senkos to get her on some fish but I might throw some reaction baits like lipless cranks or spinnerbaits.

Watch out for those mean geese haha. I got skunked my first time out there a few days ago throwing c-rig/t-rig plastic craws, square bills, and topwater near the Coleman overpass.

Welps, looks like my Almaden streak was broken. Had a good number of consecutive outings with decent sized bass. Hit up the lake in the afternoon this week and got nothing, not even a nibble. Fish were not in their usual spots, at least as compared to summer.

Typical pattern suggests they’re out chasing bait, but I didn’t see any signs. Did see a guy throw an Alabama rig. Never seen one of those actually thrown, at least from shore.

yea i feel ya man… personally I’d start targeting deeper parts of the lake, or move on to a different body of water.