Plans for Delta Stripers Wednesday 11/21

Just made plans last night for striper fishing, on my cousins boat. He keeps his boat at Russo's storage, so that is where we are meeting and launching from. Our tactics will be throwing plugs...Top water, crank baits, swim jigs, paddle tails, jerk baits, & a-rig.
Lucky you! haha

Good luck, hope you guys nail some fatties.
Wish we were you! Good luck, be safe, and post up the results [8:)
Looks like it's raining tomorrow though. Good luck even if you're planning to go out in the rain! Take pics!
Launched @ Russo's...on the water by 8am. False River had the most action today. Ran as far as the Sherman Island Maze via Broad Slough. They were not found on the open water flats, but close to the shoreline, along the tules. All fish were caught on paddle tails today...let's say 6 my cousin caught. only 1 small 14" and 18" all day. the other 4 were pretty nice. Morning started off with me netting a 9# @ 9:49am. Then I had the honor of netting another 11# @ 11:56am. Next was a 10# @ 1:39pm, getting quick with the net by now! (8-| After about a half dozen missed bites by my striper king cuz, he stuck the last of our limit with a 7# @ 4pm. By now I just couldn't bare to take another picture of the small 7 pounder he was holding...just held the live well open for him and put the net away, trying not to show excitement. Maybe if I ignor that catch, he'll forget he's kickin my @ss. Alex moved me around for the last 45 minutes trying to get me a bite, but not a tap...he just sticks another 14 incher, to make sure I know who is king. [green] I got hosed on the fire boat!




Nice job guys!
Wow!!! I miss the Delta. Good job and thanks for the awesome pics [8:)