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We need everyone to stop AB1253 the Striped Bass bill as it not only will eliminate stripers but threatens all non native species to have the same fate! Did you know that large mouth and small mouth black bass are also considered non native by the same water hungry people behind this bill!

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Assemblymember Jared Huffman, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks & Wildlife
1020 N Street, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 94249

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Your letters should be addressed:

Assemblymember Jared Huffman, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks & Wildlife
1020 N Street, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 94249

Re: Opposition to AB 1253 (Fuller) - Striped Bass

Chairman Huffman and Members of the Committee:

As a angler, voter and taxpayer, I strongly oppose AB 1253, the bill introduced by Assembly member Fuller, intending to delist and remove support of the striped bass as a California game fish.

The striped bass, a fish legally introduced to the State by the California Fish and Game Commission, established itself as one of the state's premier game fish and coexisted in harmony for over 130 years with the state's native fishes. Even in the 1930's when the striped bass population was believed to exceed 12 million adult fish and the species was fished commercially, the fish did not impact the state's salmon stocks or the health of the delta's fisheries including the delta smelt and the longfin smelt.

The striped bass fishery along with the chinook salmon, steelhead, delta smelt, longfin smelt, American Shad, green sturgeon, white sturgeon fisheries only began to decline with the operation of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project in the late 1960's. As exports have increased, the populations of all of these fishes has crashed to all time historical lows with the delta smelt now on the endangered species list, the longfin smelt threatened, the chinook salmon run the lowest in history. The current striped bass popluations is also at historical lows.

The striped bass is a fish of legend and has been a part of California's angling heritage for 130 years. AB 1253, a bill sponsored by a number of water districts is an obvious attempt to transfer the blame of the decline of California's once great fisheries to one of the species that made the California Delta one of the greatest fisheries on earth instead of their insatiable demand for larger and larger amounts of delta water. They realize that if the delta's fisheries can be destroyed, it is one less reason to obstruct the draining of the delta for subsidized agribusiness farming.

Please vote this bill down when it comes before your committee. If passed, it will do nothing to restore California's once great fisheries and will cause the destruction of one of California's greatest game fish.




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