Poke poling?

Hey you guys ever try this? You basically take a pole with a short leader of line and poke it down in the holes of tides pools and such. Hella fun. Went out on sat with a bud and caught a bunch of huge crabs and some monkey faced eels. No fish this time.
ya for crabs i have hahaha
wait i dont get it lol :-?
Hey JC check it out man, I had a blast!!!
http://www.finefishing.com/1saltfish/ca ... kepole.htm

And a little more info for ya,
ya for crabs i have hahaha

I have too ask what kinda crab's........... ;D ;D ;D ;D

Read that article and that looks pretty sweet!!!! If ya go Rick LMK....Sound and looks hella interesting!!!! 8-) :-? :-?
Watch out....if you do too much poke poling you might end up like this guy ;D ;D


He's my IDOL!!! :D :D ;D ;D ;D
dude my dad said he used to poke pole all the time when I was younger.. i wanna go poke poling!! i might go this saturday cuz i dont have any community service that day ;)
Whats up fishingrick...

Where do you guys go poke-polling at...I want to give it a try